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Do I Need A Special Charging Point For My Electric Vehicle?

No, you can charge your electric vehicle at home by simply plugging it into a standard UK socket. However, if you would like to take advantage of fast charging you can have a special fast-charging point installed at your home address. Most dedicated fast-charging points are weatherproof and can be installed onto an external wall or in a garage. If you do opt to have a fast-charging point installed, make sure it is carried out by a qualified installer.

How Far Can I Travel On One Charge?

All electric cars are different and the distance you can travel on one full charge varies. Generally, most cars can travel over 100 miles on one full charge, however some high-end electric cars such as Tesla's can travel over 300 miles. There are other factors which can affect the range of an electric vehicle when driving. For example, weather conditions, battery performance and whether you're using the air-con or heating. If you travel a lot of miles and are unsure whether an electric car is right for you why not consider leasing a hybrid car instead. Hybrid cars combine the low-emission and environmentally friendly aspects of an electric car with the convenience of a petrol/diesel car. Hybrid cars aren't quite as environmentally friendly as electric cars but if you run out of charge you can continue your journey using the combustion engine.

What Incentives Are Available For Electric And Hybrid Cars?

Because electric and hybrid cars produce less emissions the UK Government often offers incentives such as lower road tax and lower company car tax rates. Some hybrids and electric vehicles are also exempt from congestion charges and are suitable for low emission zones. For more information about electric vehicle and low emission incentives please refer to the government website.

Are Electric Vehicles Expensive To Maintain And Service?

No, in fact electric vehicles are often cheaper to maintain and service as they have fewer moving parts.
If you're thinking about leasing not just an electric car but any car in general, it's a good idea to include a maintenance package within your contract. Adding a fully comprehensive maintenance package covers the servicing, replacement tyres and any other consumable parts that your vehicle may require during your lease, giving you complete peace of mind.

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