Driving has a big effect on the environment but, of course we would all be lost without our cars, and not having one is not an option for most. So here are 9 tips to help save the environment when you’re driving:


  1. Don’t make trips just to fill up on petrol – If you need fuel, kill two birds with one stone and fuel up on your way home from work.
  2. Don’t sit there in gear It may be tempting to stay in gear when stuck at traffic lights or sitting in traffic, so you can head off quicker, but really you should switch to neutral.
  3. Take it steady Calm your driving down, speed up steadier and break softer, this will also decrease the chance of an accident.
  4. Electric Cars – Of course, it is silly to get a new vehicle if yours is still running well, but when you must get your next car make it a hybrid or electric vehicle. With all sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles being banned in 2040, you might as well get ahead of the crowds.
  5. Walk – Now the weather is getting nicer if your destination is in walking or biking distance, don’t drive! It wont just save you money but get you fit as well.
  6. Slow down – Driving slower can help lower your CO2 emissions, can also save you money as it will decrease your fuel consumption.
  7. Check your tyres If your tyres are under-inflated then your car must work harder, so make sure that your tyres are blown up well.
  8. Service regularly Without getting your vehicle serviced regularly then efficiency levels will drop. Plus, it can save you money, as you’re more likely to find a problem earlier.
  9. Keep off the pies The heavier the vehicle the harder it must work, so get rid of the junk in your trunk.


Here at Athena we are all about saving the earth, we have a range of electric and hybrid vehicles for you to lease – just give us a call on 01952 273 273.