Hyundai Ioniq Lease

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9 + 23
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24 months

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The sleek, attractive coupé-style silhouette of the IONIQ is designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Combining the best of traditional car design, with the latest hybrid car technology to help with the future goals of low-emission cars, our IONIQ car lease is one of the best modern hybrid cars on the market. Every element of the sleek design ensures a smooth and undisturbed flow of air over the car. The result is an aerodynamic profile with maximum efficiency.

With a battery Capacity of 1.56kWh providing maximum torque on start-up to aid acceleration, an engine with a fuel consumption of 78.5mpg to provide a boost of power and regenerative braking system to recharge the battery, our Hyundai IONIQ lease is incredibly efficient while still exceeding the performance you would expect from any other car. The efficiency and regenerative braking system help to ensure that you will never be caught short on long journeys and you can drive for hours without needing to stop. This helps the Hyundai stand out against other cars of the same bracket.

The new rear parking sensors and rear camera guidance system available on our Hyundai lease is top of the line and displays straight through to the touch screen media centre. This provides and extra level of safety and assistance when trying to park in tight spaces. Our Hyundai IONIQs also come with steering wheel audio, phone and cruise controls in order to provide maximum assistance and the most comfortable driving experience possible.

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