As a driving instructor your car is your most major asset, that’s why it is so important that you choose the right vehicle and deal. Buying and running a car can be expensive and so leasing your vehicle is a smart idea. Here’s 6 reasons you should lease your vehicle as a driving instructor:

Range of Choice

Leasing as a driving instructor means that you have the option of exactly which car is best for you and your students. Buying a vehicle outright will give you restrictions, the price will be extremely high and may be out of your budget, but leasing means you can spread out your payments to suit you.

No Depreciation Costs

With your vehicle being used so much your mileage will be extremely high, which will affect the cost of the vehicle when it comes to selling. With leasing your vehicle, you can just hand it back and swap it for a new one, so no worrying about getting a decent price when it comes to selling.

Increase Demand

When customers enquire they often ask what vehicle you teach your students in, having a new car will be more appealing to potential customers.

Monthly Payments

Paying with finance means that you can chose how you would prefer to manage your payments. We specialise in no deposit deals, meaning no large upfront payments to cough up, just spread your payments out over the contract length. Or, if you would rather you can choose to pay a larger deposit meaning your monthly payments will be smaller. Paying set monthly payments also makes your budgeting easier, you know exactly what will be going out each month, no nasty surprises!


Leasing means you will be able to teach in a brand-new vehicle, meaning you can drive and teach with ease. Having a new vehicle means that you will have fewer faults and problems, which will save you time, which is essential in your business, as well as money. You can also chose to include maintenance costs into your monthly payments, meaning you do not have to worry about coming up with the cash for you maintenance bill.


The flexibility of leasing is why it is so appealing to driving instructors, you can choose all the tiny details from what colour to how long you would like to lease the vehicle for.

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